XAVA RECYCLING Cost-Effective Screening The Easy Way


the company
XAVA Recycling specializes in the production and distribution of compact, robust and environmentally friendly screening machines. XAVA machines are very versatile and can screen any kind of material such as soil, compost, gravel, demolition waste, slag, wood chips, etc. The set-up of each screening machine for the various applications is coordinated with the experienced XAVA team and its sales partners, so the highest possible quality can be guaranteed. The easy transport, the rapid set-up and the intuitive operation enable customers to immediately start working efficiently with a XAVA screen. XAVA Designer Thomas Lasisch: „As a manufacturer we have the possibility to design the machines especially in accordance with the customer‘s requirements. Technical as well as design demands can be individually handled.“
screening with meaning!
XAVA‘s philosophy of designing vibrating screens for “Screening with Meaning” is demonstrated mainly in the compact screening solutions for cost-effective, efficient and environmentally-friendly recycling. XAVA screening machines are suitable for processing many different kinds of material and can be used by construction, demolition or recycling companies, composters, municipalities or even by private home builders. Thus, neither expensive commercial service providers have to be hired to recycle material, nor does the material have to be costintensively disposed or even dumped. The big value of XAVA‘s screener portfolio is the possibility of screening and recycling the material at any time, in any place and therefor getting it back into the raw material cycle. Cost-Effective Screening The Easy Way is the motto! As acquisition and operating costs are low, XAVA machines amortize in the shortest period of time. The maintenance effort is reduced to a minimum, the handling is uncomplicated and furthermore the machines are very gentle for the environment.


Technical data LS12

Weight: 120 kg / 265 lbs
Engine: 0,16 kW, 1.500 RPM
Connection: 220 v
Surface: 1.100 mm x 800 mm / 3'7'' x 2'7''
Height: 1.350 mm / 4'5''
Screen size: 1.040 x 675 mm / 3'5'' x 2'3''
Product video LS12

Technical data LS12X

Weight: 125 kg
Engine: 0,16 kW, 1.500 RPM
Connection: 220 v
Surface: 1.100 mm x 950 mm
Height: 1.400 mm
Screen size: 1.040 x 675 mm


Product video LS12X


Technical data LS14

Weight: 150 kg
Engine: 0,16 kW, 1.500 RPM
Connection: 220 v
Surface: 1.100 mm x 1.250 mm
Height: 1.450 mm
Screen size: 1.080 x 1.040 mm
Product video LS14

Technical data LS28

Weight: 1.550 kg
Engine: 1,15 kW, 1.500 RPM
Connection: 380 v, 50 hz, 16 a with operating hours counter
Surface: 2.800 mm x 1.600 mm
Height: 2.550 mm
Screen top deck: 2 units 1.630 x 1.280 mm
Screen lower deck: 2 units 1.630 x 1.280 mm


Product video LS28

XAVA CEO Stefan Lößl: „XAVA screening machines are characterized by their long-lasting and robust construction, so we offer 2 years warranty on every new XAVA screen.